Why a blog?

Before we dive into using Quarto, you may be wondering, why should I build a blog in the first place?

Types of websites

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RStudio Community Forum

RStudio Solutions Documentation

Julia Silge Blog

Figure 1: Example Websites

Why build a blog?

It’s time to share what you know!

Check out this YouTube playlist with great talks on blogging!

A blog can help showcase…

  • Share what you’ve learned

  • Write about your opinions

  • Give updates and news

  • Practice writing

  • Create a portfolio of work

  • Centralization of information

Danielle Navarro

Lydia Gibson

Shamsuddeen Hassan Muhammad

Example Blogs

Blogs: Not just personal!

  • External blogs for companies
  • Internal blogs for teams

What sorts of posts can you consider?

  • Standard lists

  • Profiles

  • How-to/tutorials

  • News posts

  • Problems-and-solutions

  • Case studies

  • Comparison posts

  • Stories

  • Open questions

  • Inspiration

  • Research

  • FAQ

  • Reviews

  • Interviews

  • Cheat sheets

  • Checklists

  • Infographics

  • Debates

  • Presentations

What to include?

Blog posts are about finding a sweet spot in terms of length, media, and other formats and features that resonate with your audience.

What to consider?

Important to consider when creating a blog:

  • Goals and purpose
  • Values
  • Valuable and relevant content
  • Workflows and maintenance
  • Technical stuff, too!

:Note for internal blogs

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We’re not going to be going too in depth on internal blogs at organizations today, but there are other things to note for those types of blogs.

  • Buy-in and ownership
  • Guardrails
  • Norms and feedback

Watch my previous talk, Building a blog with R, to hear me go into detail about these considerations.