Using Quarto for a blog

Now that you know what Quarto is, let’s discuss why you may want to use it for a blog.

Literate programming with Quarto

# I write my code here
# and I see the plot underneath.


palmerpenguins::penguins %>% 
  ggplot2::ggplot(aes(x = bill_length_mm, y = bill_depth_mm)) +

  • Syntax highlighting

  • Executable code

  • Reproducibility

  • Workflow

  • Control

Do I need to use Quarto to create a blog?

You can keep using blogdown, distill, etc., to create your blog.

Cat shaking its head no, text says no underneath

R Markdown is not going away. Rest assured that we will still actively maintain it.

Yihui Xie, With Quarto Coming, is R Markdown Going Away? No.

FAQ for R Markdown Users